Corporate Plan


The Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS)

1,000 vessels accredited to the scheme by end March 2018

Enhance Reputation

Working with the Seafish Communications and Regional teams, and Head of Advocacy - the RFS will be promoted throughout the UK and internationally. By promoting the RFS and its certified vessels, the industry will be better informed in determining procurement choices. RFS enables vessels and seafood buyers to demonstrate their commitment to and compliance, with independently developed ethical, safety, and food production best practice..

Promote Consumption

Seafood buyers can use RFS to enhance their sourcing policies in terms of ethics, production techniques and provenance of seafood. There is potential for international applicability and RFS promotes consumption with confidence. It is an internationally recognised standard and associated third-party accreditation scheme, offering enhanced credibility.

Inform Decisions

The Responsible Fishing Scheme will provide industry with a tool to make informed decisions with respect to sourcing, and by association will enable consumers to buy seafood with confidence - potentially enhancing reputation and increasing consumption.

The Responsible Fishing Scheme will enable seafood buyers to source seafood that has been independently certified to industry-agreed best practice standards. The seafood will come from vessels where crew health, safety and welfare - as well as quality and environmental impact - are of paramount importance.

RFS serves the whole UK seafood market. The scheme will provide the onshore supply chain with the ability to make informed decisions in their responsible sourcing strategies, and the development to a chain of custody that will incorporate traceability and quality - providing the industry with a key mechanism to build trust and enhance reputation. Compliance guides will assist specific sectors in achieving RFS certification.