Corporate Plan


Seafood Integrity

Social/ethical risk factors developed and populated on RASS

Enhance Reputation

Production of guides, raising awareness on best practice and avoiding existing and emerging issues in the supply chain, will help business make informed and ethical decisions in sourcing global supplies of seafood. Working with the Communications team to raise awareness of the steps industry are taking to tackle integrity issues and refute, where possible, negative media.

Promote consumption

RFS and its future focus on integrity will be a pivotal mechanism to build trust in supply from accredited vessels.

Inform Decisions

Producing up-to-date information and guides on which industry can base purchasing decisions will be an integral part of this work area. They will conform to legal requirements and best practice to help businesses understand their requirements and obligations to improve standards, and avoid issues in the supply chain. Inclusion within the next phase of RASS will provide greater clarity for businesses, as it will be a focal point to capture all the main risks associated with sourcing seafood and how businesses can manage and mitigate.

This work programme will provide information and advice on a range of seafood integrity issues, covering the following:

Product integrity

There are a number of product-related issues in the supply chain, including adulteration, substitution and mislabelling. These can be challenging for businesses to tackle, resulting in a negative media response and ultimately affecting the reputation of the industry.

Social responsibility

Over the past five to ten years the seafood industry has been implicated in a number of high-profile media campaigns, highlighting a number of labour issues in the supply chain - ultimately damaging the reputation of the industry.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare issues are emotive and can result in high-profile media campaigns. We are working with stakeholders, including policy makers, on this issue to reach an agreed way forward.

The results of our programme will be used to identify and manage risks in sourcing seafood. Outputs from the Integrity work programme will be integral to the second phase development of RASS, enabling the full spectrum of responsible sourcing issues to be readily available and accessible in one place. The outputs from the Integrity work programme will also directly inform ongoing developments of the RFS work programme.