Corporate Plan


Seafish Wales

Year-on-year improvement in stakeholder satisfaction score from baseline established in year one survey

Enhance Reputation

Priorities within Wales will be defined by SWAC and will cover sourcing, supply and environmental issues. Seafish Wales will ensure that, where appropriate, work undertaken within the core workstreams is applied to the industry in Wales. Seafish Wales will engage with the Welsh Government, research institutions and trade and local media.

Promote Consumption

Using the Fish is the Dish platform and adapting it to reflect the Welsh industry working bilingually. Taking an active role in the delivery of the Welsh Food and Drink Action Plan alongside other food sector leaders. Seafish Wales will engage with the Welsh Government, research institutions and trade and local media.

Inform Decisions

Seafish Wales in conjunction with SWAC will identify areas of priority for the industry in the region and facilitate the delivery of bespoke projects to address the identified issues. Seafish Wales will work closely with all stakeholders and coordinate efforts to ensure efficient delivery and eradicate duplication of effort.

Seafish Wales is our delivery platform for projects that benefit the Welsh seafood industry. Our work in Wales will be defined by a Welsh Regional Strategy that will be aligned to the Seafish Corporate Plan and developed in consultation with key stakeholders through the Seafish Wales Advisory Committee (SWAC). The delivery of the Welsh strategy will be coordinated by Seafish Wales and may involve Seafish staff from the core workstreams as necessary.

In addition to delivering the Wales strategy, Seafish Wales will be a conduit between the core Seafish workstreams and the Wales seafood industry, facilitating one-to-one or group meetings/workshops/seminars as appropriate.

To ensure that the Seafish Wales strategy is aligned to the Wales Marine and Fisheries Strategic Action Plan, the Marine Transition Programme, and ‘Towards Sustainable Growth: an Action Plan for the Food and Drink Industry’, the Welsh Government will be represented on SWAC and will have input into to the decision-making process through that committee and through regular bilateral meetings with Seafish Wales. Seafish Wales will be partly funded by Welsh Government.