Corporate Plan


Seafish Scotland

Year-on-year improvement in stakeholder satisfaction score from baseline established in year one survey

Enhance Reputation

Priorities within Scotland have been defined and cover sourcing, business efficiency, supply and environmental issues. Seafish regional staff will also coordinate the delivery of the core workstreams in Scotland. On behalf of Seafood Scotland, Seafish will engage with Marine Scotland and manage the Inshore Fisheries Coordinator. Seafood Scotland employ a communications consultant to maximise PR opportunities and coordinate with Seafish Communications.

Promote Consumption

We will promote consumption by using the Fish is the Dish platform in Scotland, and working with Scottish schools on a number of educational projects. The Head of Seafish Scotland will engage with Marine Scotland and manage the Inshore Fisheries Coordinator on their behalf.

Inform Decisions

Work priorities, outputs and outcomes have been defined within the SSP strategy and funding streams have been identified.

Seafish Scotland is our regional delivery platform for projects that benefit the Scottish seafood industry. Our Scottish regional strategy will reflect the project delivery work that Seafish Scotland staff are contracted to deliver on behalf of Seafood Scotland, particularly in delivering the Scottish Seafood Partnership (SSP) strategy - as well as the work undertaken in Seafish’s name that exclusively benefits the Scottish industry.

The Head of Seafish Scotland/Seafood Scotland will meet regularly with officials at Marine Scotland and the Food and Drink Team at the Scottish Government, to ensure there is an alignment with Marine Scotland policy and meetings with the Seafish Executive are facilitated as required.

An integral element of the Seafish Scotland strategy will be ensuring that all the major seafood hubs in Scotland have a named Regional Manager assigned to them, ensuring they benefit from the relevant services on offer from Seafish at a national and regional basis - and are represented in the Seafish Scotland decision-making process.