Corporate Plan


Consumption: Seafish Campaigns

‘Before and after campaign’ consumer research demonstrates a positive impact on seafood consumption

Enhance Reputation

Our consumer campaigns will help communicate key messages on sustainable sourcing, and our trade promotions will communicate positive messages on a world-class industry.

Promote Consumption

Our key messages will enhance the reputation of seafood and our campaign work will communicate its true value, undoing negative misconceptions and driving the frequency of consumption.

Inform Decisions

We will ensure our campaigns are built upon a solid evidence base, using existing consumer insight and commissioning new research to understand the barriers to consumption - to better target appropriate audiences.

Seafish is strongly focused on increasing the frequency of seafood consumption. Our campaigns bring together our marketing and PR activity, communicating the value of fish as a food source. We have a range of promotional tools to grow consumption across all audiences and industry sectors. One strategy will be to establish a Seafood Week, which will be the primary focus of our campaign work.

Consumer promotions

We will deliver three joint marketing and PR consumer campaigns, targeting all audiences and all sectors. As part of this work, we will expand our Fish and Chip campaign to target the wider foodservice market, and further develop our national awards. We will continue to deliver our successful Fish is the Dish digital campaign, building our social networks and growing the web audience for our Fish is Food messages.

Trade promotions

We will deliver a powerful joint marketing and PR campaign built around Seafood Week, targeting the trade press to build the profile of seafood.

Educational resources

We will expand our acclaimed Fish as Food education programme, engaging schools and further education colleges.