Corporate Plan


Risk Assessment for Sourcing Seafood (RASS)

Three retailers and/or foodservice companies using RASS for sourcing seafood

Enhance Reputation

Working with the Seafish Communications and Regional teams, the database will be marketed and promoted throughout the UK. By providing risk scores (and evidence) for fisheries, the industry will be better informed in making procurement choices.

Promote Consumption

Seafood sellers can use RASS in promoting the environmental provenance of seafood. Accurate environmental data on fisheries will enable defence of incorrect claims (i.e. ‘avoid skates and rays’).

Inform Decisions

RASS will replace the Seafish RSGs with a ‘real-time’ system, providing the data/evidence of environmental performance of a fishery as well as risk-scores for use in determining whether or not to purchase. RASS will also provide a gap-analysis for determining research priorities in fisheries and aquaculture. In Phase II, RASS will include ethical, welfare and nutritional aspects of seafood.

The Risk Assessment for Sourcing Seafood (RASS) will provide the industry with a tool that will make available the wide range of information and data needed to enable seafood buyers to make informed sourcing decisions, and develop responsible sourcing strategies. It will also contribute to the resilience of the industry by providing accurate environmental data, that can be used to help increase understanding and formulate informed responses to incorrect claims. Furthermore, the scope of data available will provide a gap analysis to inform priorities in fishery management and improvement programmes.

RASS will provide information on seafood to the UK market, the first phase focusing on the environmental impact of wild fisheries. Subsequent phases will incorporate ethical and welfare factors and farmed seafood.