Corporate Plan


Reducing Red Tape

Year-on-year improvement in stakeholder satisfaction score from baseline established in year one survey

Enhance Reputation

Reducing the amount of red tape and keeping industry informed of developments aids compliance and reduces costs. We’ll work with EU and UK regulators on drafting legal text, interpretation and implementation - to understand impact and avoid unintended consequences.

Promote Consumption

Facilitating exports will make expanding into new markets easier for business. A compliant industry reduces bad news stories and builds trust and confidence in seafood.

Inform Decisions

Reducing red tape aids compliance with legal requirements, reducing potential costs from fines.

The development of regulation is a continuous process in which the seafood industry needs to be involved at the earliest stage possible, to ensure any proposals are proportionate and do not present unnecessary burden. Our core goals are to horizon scan to acquire information and identify areas of relevant work; to inform the legislative process; to help business achieve and maintain compliance, and to communicate key issues to industry and regulators.

Our areas of focus and objectives under these key roles include:

Food regulation

We will continue the current work delivered under the Corporate Plan 2012 - 15, engaging with all stakeholders to help shape fit-for-purpose legislation. We will also continue to ensure it is properly understood by industry and regulators.

Environmental regulation

The development of environmental regulation on land and in the marine environment can have impacts on the viability of the supply chain. We will seek to identify the main issues and opportunities, successfully communicating them to industry.

Facilitate imports and exports

Providing insight to help industry overcome the barriers to importing and exporting seafood, with a particular focus on new markets and new categories of product.