Corporate Plan


Ports and Auctions

Year-on-year improvement in stakeholder satisfaction score from baseline established in year one survey

Enhance Reputation

Production of guides and information will help this sector make informed decisions. The information produced will help demystify the sector and this will be achieved by working with stakeholders and the Communications team - to raise awareness and understanding.

Promote Consumption

Working with stakeholders to raise awareness and understanding of this sector will promote consumption.

Inform Decisions

Issues in this sector will be identified in conjunction with relevant stakeholders. Identifying these issues and commissioning studies to produce up-to-date information on the issues will directly help and benefit this sector with its decision-making.

This sector is a vital route for fishery products entering the supply chain in the UK, but it can be challenging to comprehend. This work programme aims to coordinate activities for the sector, initially working with relevant stakeholders to identify and prioritise specific issues. Over the three years of the Corporate Plan, specific packages of work will be undertaken to address these.

This work programme aims to clarify and confirm the importance of this sector in the seafood supply chain. To identify issues affecting the sector (which will no doubt be cross-cutting with other work programmes). To undertake areas of work to address identified issues, and use Seafish resources to co-ordinate activities for this sector.