Corporate Plan


Onshore Training

3,000 trainees taking up our training programmes (1,000 per annum)

Enhance Reputation

This work programme will raise standards by increasing workforce skills and knowledge through training. This will be achieved by being responsive, and ensuring concerns are embraced in the training courses and learning materials we produce.

Promote Consumption

A better trained workforce with the knowledge and skills required for producing a wider variety of seafood products. By providing information and training, the skills of the workforce will be raised - reducing the incidence of product contamination and quality losses due to worker error.

Inform Decisions

We will provide employers with advice, guidance and support to enable them to access the training they need for the staff and facilitate their employment and training of apprentices.

This work programme provides employers and workers with information, advice, guidance and training, in the skills and knowledge they need to work safely, effectively and efficiently.

We will raise workforce skills and knowledge, and improve the take-up of training programmes and qualifications right up to management level. We will provide advice and guidance to employers and potential trainees on training and development opportunities - helping them to make informed decisions on resolving personal training and development needs.

To meet the anticipated demand for training we will maintain and expand our network of approved trainers, recognised apprenticeship providers and other partners. We will also expand the range of materials, training and learning programmes that our industry can draw upon.