Corporate Plan


Market Insight

Year-on-year improvement in stakeholder satisfaction score from baseline established in year one survey

Enhance Reputation

Market data is a vital part of business planning. Working closely with the Communications team, we will help to improve access and awareness - increasing engagement with the media and raising awareness of the seafood trade.

Promote Consumption

Inform Decisions

Providing up-to-date data on the seafood market is critical for businesses to make informed decisions in their overall business strategy. Our data and reports are made freely available to seafood businesses and, based on surveys of existing market data users, are used directly as part of their business planning and decision-making.

This work programme will provide a series of reports, information and insight on a range of seafood market data, covering Retail, Foodservice and Trade.

Within Retail there will be a series of reports, with insight on the key retail trends in the seafood sector. In relation to Foodservice, quarterly reports on the key trends in the foodservice sector. Reports will be available on Trade data, covering UK landings and imports/exports.

We will continue to work with stakeholders to evolve the service, ensuring the data and reports we generate are in line with their requirements. We will also make some of the data more accessible to inform a wider audience, producing regular media columns and special reports on key sectors.