Corporate Plan


Consumption: Industry Support

‘Before and after campaign’ consumer research demonstrates a positive impact on seafood consumption

Enhance Reputation

Our key consumer messages will help communicate sustainability and ethical sourcing - and our consumer work will highlight good practice across the industry.

Promote Consumption

Our campaign tools will empower industry to communicate the true value of seafood, undo negative misconceptions and drive the frequency of consumption. These tools will also empower industry to communicate the value of their own products, and help drive our increased consumption targets.

Inform Decisions

We will supply consumer insight and campaign-planning information that will empower industry to successfully promote seafood.

Our industry support programme will strengthen our consumer campaigns - by enabling industry to deliver their own promotional work alongside ours, we’ll leverage the Seafish campaign spend.

Seafish will deploy an innovative campaign toolkit to support a range of consumer activation work. We’ll help industry to increase consumption of seafood through two key areas of work:

Seafood Week

We will promote our annual Seafood Week campaign to industry partners, supplying a suite of web-based resources and a range of marketing materials. We will work with industry partners to plan joint activity across all sectors.

eCampaign suite

We will develop a web-based resource enabling industry partners to plan and deliver their own Fish is the Dish campaigns. This resource will offer training, insight and support to deliver local and sector specific promotions. This will allow industry partners to promote their own seafood products to their local target markets, with downloadable resources that can easily be personalised to species, formats or provenance messages. It will provide a go-to source for insight into consumer behaviour, ensuring that industry partners can deliver informed activities.