Corporate Plan


Industry Issues Groups

Year-on-year improvement in stakeholder satisfaction score from baseline established in year one survey

Enhance Reputation

Working directly with a wide range of stakeholders provides a basis for raising awareness and informed decision making in the supply chain. Working with the Communications team will increase engagement with the media, raise awareness of the groups, and provide a better position to respond to associated issues.

Promote consumption

The groups provide a basis for a wide range of stakeholders to meet and include all parts of the supply chain, regulators and NGOs to share knowledge and insight.

Inform Decisions

The meetings provide a basis for information sharing and knowledge exchange. In addition, regular updates are produced and directly sent to relevant stakeholders to raise awareness of issues and areas of interest as and when they happen. The information and presentations from the meetings are made publicly available to increase availability across a wider audience.

Seafish industry issues groups are well respected and valued by stakeholders. The groups provide a basis for information and knowledge exchange, also helping to highlight information gaps that enable Seafish to undertake further work.

All the groups meet each year, from quarterly to annually, depending on the subject area. We currently facilitate seven active working groups covering a wide range of issues that cross the whole industry. A review of all the groups in 2014 will define the scope and remit of each group, the terms of reference under which they operate, and whether they are influenced by other factors that may reduce the need for certain groups to continue. The review will also identify any requirement for new groups.