Corporate Plan


Fishing Safety

Zero deaths attributed to poor working practices over a 12 month period

Enhance Reputation

This work programme will improve fishing safety by increasing awareness of the latest information and equipment that is available for fishermen to use, and will encourage the adoption of safer working practices. This will be achieved by working closely with partners in the Fishing Industry Safety Group and by working with colleagues on safety promotions.

Promote Consumption

This work programme will complement our work on RFS and help to reassure stakeholders and consumers with regard to the safety of primary producers.

Inform Decisions

This work programme will enable Seafish to take the lead in driving improvements in fishing safety. This is important given our new role on the Fishing Industry Safety Group. Improving fishing safety is fundamental to evidencing the seafood industry’s duty of care for the health and safety of its primary producers.

Safety road shows also provide an excellent platform for promoting Seafish’s wider offering. Our Communications team will play an important supporting role in helping to communicate our safety messages to fishermen, and advocacy will be used to influence key decisions and policy-makers.

Our Fishing Safety programme promotes safer working practices in the most dangerous part of the seafood industry.

Fishing is the most hazardous occupation in the UK, and therefore represents the highest reputational risk for the industry in health and safety terms. Whilst there are encouraging signs that our established programmes have helped improve fishing safety, we need to identify and new safety initiatives to achieve our goal - a year in which no fishermen lives are lost.

We will instigate new safety initiatives to drive continued improvements in fishing safety. We will use our Regional Delivery teams to deliver a programme of safety road shows in coastal venues around the UK, to communicate and promote these initiatives. Face-to-face engagement with fishermen is vital in achieving behavioural change.