Corporate Plan


Export Support

Year-on-year improvement in stakeholder satisfaction score from baseline established in year one survey

Enhance Reputation

The programme will assist new-to-market companies, ensuring they have the knowledge foundation on which they can base their export development plans. It will also help participating companies meet buyers and regulators in their respective markets, build relationships, and understand the requirements of the export markets. Trade receptions in particular provide a platform for regulators to meet representatives from the UK industry and to get a better understanding of the modern, professional UK industry.

Promote Consumption

Export missions and receptions will assist exporting companies (particularly the pelagic sector, which exports over 95% of production) to sell fish in markets where there is a demand. The engagement with international buyers will help build relations and ensure that the quality and provenance of UK seafood is fully understood in export markets.

Inform Decisions

Export support will ensure that the UK exporters have a good understanding of the requirements and potential of identified export markets - and will provide a forum to meet, do business and develop relations. Furthermore, it will help UK exporters develop a better understanding of target market requirements, while allowing buyers from those markets to sample the seafood from the UK and better understand the ethical, sustainable UK seafood industry.

The Seafish export support programme will assist UK seafood exporting companies in accessing market data and information. The programme will support them in meeting buyers and regulators within key export markets.

Seafish will maintain a library of export guides providing market and trade information to key export markets. We will also establish a mailing list of UK seafood exporting companies, to ensure they are fully informed of Seafish export assistance and other relevant work being undertaken by partner organisations.

UK seafood will be supported at international exhibitions through UK seafood pavilions, allowing companies the advantage of taking bespoke stand space. The quality of seafood from the UK will be demonstrated at Seafish organised receptions, where buyers will be invited to witness preparation methods, taste the product and meet the suppliers. To assist SMEs in the sector, Seafish will provide an information stand at four selected international seafood exhibitions per year. This service will allow UK visitors to have a base at which they can book time to conduct meetings. Through the use of eye-catching infographics it will also provide a platform to showcase the UK industry.