Corporate Plan


Enhance Reputation: Seafish Campaigns

85% positive/balanced media coverage towards industry

Enhance Reputation

Our engagement strategy will ensure our stakeholders have the information they need to do the right thing. Our reputation campaigns will target all key audiences and promote our world-class seafood industry.

Promote Consumption

Our insight will help promote key ‘fish as food’ messages and our campaigns will help communicate key reputation messages.

Inform Decisions

We will successfully deliver core Seafish data for all stakeholders, using innovative means to communicate the value of seafood, the work of the industry and the role of Seafish.

The UK seafood industry can rightly claim to be leading the world in developing ethical, innovative and responsible solutions to the challenges of sourcing and supplying seafood. This programme brings together all areas of the organisation’s work to deliver a powerful ‘world class’ reputation message, that will inspire informed and ethical business decisions and champion the good work being delivered across all sectors of the industry.

Our reputation campaigns will be delivered in partnership with industry through three core areas of work:


We will develop a range of innovative communication tools that can help communicate the ‘world class’ message, producing films, infographics, reports, case studies and other web-based resources to ensure our campaigns are simple to understand and easy to use.

Proactive campaigns

We will deliver three proactive reputation campaigns each year, focusing on responsible sourcing, ethics, innovation and other areas of world-class delivery within the seafood industry. We will continue to develop our digital channels to maximise engagement with key audiences.

Reactive campaigns

We will actively monitor media coverage on the seafood industry and respond where necessary to protect our industry’s interests.