Corporate Plan


Economic Data Collection

The UK complies with DCF data submission and data quality requirements

Enhance Reputation

We will provide datasets that can be used to demonstrate industry performance through the use of appropriate economic, social and technical indicators. Data dissemination will be tailored appropriately to the correct audience.

Promote Consumption

Inform Decisions

Availability of robust, up-to-date data of the catching and processing sectors economic performance is essential for business owners and policy makers to make informed decisions, that will help improve the profitability of UK seafood businesses.

Under this work programme the Economics team will collect the data and information required to assess the economic performance of the UK fleet and processing sectors. Under contract to the UK Government, we will collect and submit data to fulfil UK obligations under the EU Data Collection Framework. This data enables us to conduct robust analyses such as profit forecasting and economic impact assessment (captured under the Economic Advice programme).

Producing and owning these economic datasets will ensure we are the principle expert source of UK seafood industry performance information. They will ensure we can conduct the work detailed in the evidence and advice work programmes; and are visibly engaging with industry on a regular basis, ensuring that we stay in touch with current issues and concerns. This will enable us to plan and prioritise economic analyses to support decision making in the most challenging or significant management scenarios.

Our vision is to ensure that we are the UK source of economic information, analysis and advice on the UK seafood sectors.