Corporate Plan


Bivalve Mollusc Safety

Reduction in poisoning incidents relating to bivalve mollusc safety

Enhance Reputation

We will work with regulators in the implementation of controls to ensure the impact on industry is understood and unintended consequences avoided. We will also keep the industry informed of potential threats to human health from harvesting waters, allowing harvesting from lower risk areas and produce safe food.

Promote Consumption

A compliant industry reduces bad news stories and builds trust in the sector, increasing confidence in seafood integrity when buying seafood.

Inform Decisions

Ensuring threats to human health from eating shellfish are subject to proportionate controls will ensure a safe product, and reduce outbreaks which can damage public perception of seafood. This risk-based approach will minimise the burden to business.

This work programme will help improve mollusc and shellfish safety. The programme will work with regulators and industry on water quality in harvesting areas, and ensure that controls such as testing methods and acceptable limits are proportionate to risk and achievable by industry.

Our core goals are horizon scanning, building and maintaining networks to acquire information and identifying areas of relevant work. Informing the legislative process and helping business achieve and maintain compliance. Communicating key issues to industry and regulators is another key goal of the programme.