Corporate Plan


A Welcome from our Chair

Elaine Hayes, Chair

I am delighted to introduce this Seafish Corporate Plan for the coming three years and I am confident that the work programmes we set out here will meet our industry’s needs.

The Plan is the result of our long partnership with stakeholders, not just in the months that preceded its publication, but over the years during which Seafish has positioned itself at the heart of the industry it serves.

This second iteration of our Corporate Plan builds on the strengths of the first, following the themes of fewer, bigger, better, and on the good work we have delivered over the past three years. Through consultation with our Sector Panels our existing programmes have been fine-tuned to match even more closely the industry’s requirements.

The Seafish Board is committed to ensuring Seafish work programmes continue to reflect the needs of our levy payers and, with that in mind, we have put in place a suite of key performance indicators that will allow us to properly measure, and manage, performance.

Keeping the seafood industry at the forefront of our work, whilst also taking account of the views of all of the Fisheries Administrations, is key and I am immensely proud of our bold approach to engaging stakeholders through our Sector Panels. This inclusive approach to delivery allows our staff to draw on the considerable expertise and resources of industry partners and, crucially, gives the Board confidence that the work of Seafish truly reflects requirements. By working together in this way Seafish, the Board and Panels can add great value and shape a better delivery for industry and consumers.

As we go to print with this Plan, the UK Government and our four Administrations are considering the option of devolving additional powers. While it may well be necessary to amend this document, our current focus continues to be on meeting the needs of our levy payers.

The Board will continue to provide scrutiny and sound governance to ensure that Seafish is fit for purpose, and that we remain in a strong position to maintain our successful delivery.